M.C. Quantock “Canada’s Bulls” Bull Sale

 Saturday, January 31, 2015, Noon. Exhibition Grounds, Lloydminster AB / SK

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excerpt from page 2 in the catalogue…

It is always kind of neat to sit down in mid December and write this “welcome” in our catalogue. It’s time to reflect on the year and where we are in the cow business. This year what can I say, “this business has never been better.” We joke in our house that now “even my wife loves the cows.” Record setting but very real. Calf prices, cull cow prices, bred female prices… never better. Most important these prices are based on solid fundamentals and are here for a long long time. We haven’t had cow numbers this low since Harry S Truman was President and that was 65 years ago. Cattlemen are being rewarded for their perseverance, tenacity and resolve; at times I am sure we all wondered if we were doing the right thing by sticking with it, now the answer seems obvious; let’s enjoy the good times we all deserve it. This is real; it’s solid and almost nothing can stand in the way of at least a decade of prosperity.

Our own home ranch cow numbers are moving slowly back up since our cow sale. We bred about 800 this year and will continue that trend, as we move more cows to a May-June calving period. Our mature cows will go from grass to standing corn and back to grass and will never be fed except in exceptional circumstances as we try to drive down our operating costs! This year’s bulls summered well; we grew lots of grass and our summer gains have never been better. The bulls came to our lot in October and have never looked back. The test gains are “over the top” and consistent, bull to bull; a testament to our relentless selection for the “good ones.”

On the personal side, “life is good” pretty much sums it up. We are very fortunate and the older I get, the more I realize how lucky I am to be able to continue to enjoy it all. Our kids are taking an increasing role in our company. Cody is with the ranch full time and we really appreciate having “one of the family” with us. Lee has a career with Imperial Tobacco in Calgary but is intimately involved with our marketing work. He runs our internet and social media promotional work. I don’t understand it, but it darn sure is effective. Lee is invaluable in the final marketing push to sale day. Robin and Mark (and granddaughter Hannah) live in Calgary where Mark has a career with Suncor. Robin took over doing our cattle records last year from her mom. (She had to teach her “old dad” how to run a scanner) as she does it from Calgary. She is a busy girl doing the ranch records and her important job of being a full time mom to Hannah. I want to thank our son in law, Mark, for all his help sale week as well. Lee, Robin and Mark are invaluable to me during sale week, taking more and more responsibility and making my job easier every year. Our sale is a real family effort.

Rick Knorr came home to be our ranch foreman after spending several years away. We’re glad to have him; he is making a big contribution looking after a lot of our day to day operations. Ross Maxwell continues to be a key man on our ranch everyday. We were very fortunate to have Dave Conrad and family come back from Nova Scotia last summer. Dave was with us for nearly 10 years, a decade ago. He was here for most of the building of the home ranch headquarters. We appreciate Dave’s contribution every day. Morgan Rodh worked for us till mid-summer and then came back to help with round-up, our thanks for all his help. We are fortunate and we know it. Our staff to a man, make a huge contribution and we certainly couldn’t do it without them. In fact I have a habit of “biting off absolutely all we can chew” and my crew bails me out by somehow making it all happen. Also our many thanks to Deb Lundquist who helps in the office.

Our cooperators, the Tellier’s and Roachs are a genuine pleasure to work with and both of whom we consider our good friends. The sale includes bulls born in the Ray Murphy herd. Ray and Leona have been long time friends and cooperators and the bulls are three generations of M.C. Quantock genetics. Our thanks to our friends who have given their help, advice and assistance all year and to all the fine people who help Pat and I during the sale week; our thanks in advance. We really do appreciate everything you do to help us and nothing would be possible without you. Our sale is an “experience” and we’d love to have you come. We’ll be ready with lots of fellowship, good food and lots of great cattle. See you on Saturday, January 31, 2015.