We sell, and deliver for free, hundreds of bulls all across the west!

Here’s what our customers say…


Like how the sale moves along quickly, an impressive selection of bulls. If you can’t find what you need at this sale, you’re not in the cattle business.Dale Luckwell, SK
Extremely happy with the bull you chose for us sight unseen. We look forward to our calf crop and plan to purchase more.Gary Starling, SK
The bull I received was a good one, the service after the sale was great, the bull got here on time when I needed him.D. Moskal, SK
Very impressed with how smooth and fast the sale ran, to run that many bulls in that amount of time was truly impressive. It was also reassuring to know that you were there after the bull had been delivered to ensure that everything was OK.Ben Wilson, SK
Very happy with the bulls build, disposition and overall appearance for a sight unseen nearly a year later, he still looks great.N. Vance, AB
You do a great job… we enjoy doing business with you.Larry Bumphrey, SK
We needed an unexpected bull and Mac delivered an excellent bull on the day and time he said. Very nice to deal with people who respect your time.Cowley's, SK
Had problems with the first bull… he was replaced with a very good bull.Tom Ross, AB
We are very pleased with the H-2 and Super Guppie bulls we bought at the last two sales; and plan to be there this year to buy another.JCB Farms, AB
Just got home with my bull, great head, real good feet and legs, clean in the shoulder and thick butt. I was nervous about this Sight Unseen Purchase thing, never done it before, I am impressed with the bull and the way you do business.R. Milliken, MB
I don’t know what you do in your breeding program, but these bulls all have the same stamp on them. You can see it now in our cows… all the same – the calves are born then grow like hell.C. Stahl, Riverview Colony, SK
Very impressed with your sale. The best one I have attended in 30 years of ranching. Quality of cattle was excellent and the sale went smooth and fast I was impressed with the quality of people you have working for you and how well they worked under the stress of the day.B. Howell, BC
Having purchased your bulls for many years, and keeping heifer calves as replacements, we find our cow herd has been consistently improving as the years go by. We have purchased Red Angus, Black Angus and Horned Herefords.J.S. Crowley, SK
I was very satisfied as a first time buyer ‘Sight Unseen’ – you deserve a huge amount of praise for your “Pay in full when delivered and sight unseen policy. Keep up the good work.D. Denis, SK
Your sale date and hospitality, your interest in providing good service to your customers, just can’t get any better.D. Miskiewicz, MB
I’m really impressed with the bull you suggested. I wanted a long, deep, thick, meaty bull and that’s exactly what I got. I’ve been to a lot of sales in MB this spring and this bull would be a high seller at any of them.Jeff Brown, MB
Picked up bull at Paris, ON… never would have known he had a four day truck ride ‘just shining’. Really pleased with our ‘Black Super baldie’… you could land a ‘747’ on his back… he’s got the thickness we’ve been looking for.
Just a short note to say how happy I am with the bulls you sent me. The quality of the three bulls I’ve seen is very high. I also appreciate the way you have solved the problem I had with the last bull… nice to deal with such a reputable outfit.G. Thomas, BC
Very satisfied with the bull you selected for us. We would also like to thank you for the bull you sent last year after we had bull problems. Your service has been excellent.M. Grimm, BC
I must say, I couldn’t have picked a better bull myself, so thanks – calves hit the ground running lots of vigor, the bull passed on his good disposition and conformation.G. Gramlich, AB
I think you have an excellent program. As a rancher I find it discouraging when other programs put so much fat on their bulls just to make a buck. I need good bulls to cover some ground and go to work! Your program offers that! T. Keys, SK
It’s been a pleasure to work with M.C. Quantock. The bulls, have always worked well and we’ve progressed tremendously using your genetics. We look forward to a great future.C. & M. Spilchik, SK
Long yearling (fall) Red Angus bulls are very impressive. They were very active in the pasture and kept their condition well.Gervins, MB
Very pleased with the job you did, hard to improve on… keep up the great work, it is appreciated.Mark Johnasen, SK
Anxious to see our calf crop, the bull holds his flesh well.Keith Rhodes, AB
The bulls, the sale, the service is second to none. Buying from MC Quantock for the past three years has been a huge stepping stone for the ranch. It is always a pleasure to deal with you.JV Ranch, MB
Thanks for the quick response… we can’t afford a bunch of open cows.D. Quist, AB
Bull arrived and looked good… thanks for the fine service and good judgement… look forward to repeat business.D. Golley, ON
Very pleased with the bull you picked for me. On DNA, he was homozygous TT for the leptin gene and AA for tenderness.D. Dowdeswell, SK
We had problems with one of our bulls. We called Mac and he took it back and made an adjustment. We had had the bull one year. Very pleased with your service and prompt reply. I have been very satisfied. You take a professional approach to your business… Something that is often neglected in agriculture.L. & R. Cooper, SK
Our bull we bought ‘Sight Unseen’ was nice and thick and an easy keeper. His calves were not over 75 lbs. and very strong. Very pleased.S. Carpani
I’m 100% satisfied with the quality of the bulls I’ve bought with your Sight Unseen system. When taking delivery I’ve always felt I’ve gotten more value than I paid for. Your integrity is appreciated.M. Carr, ON
Being able to buy a bull over the phone is great peace of mind and Mac was very easy to talk to and is very knowledgeable about his bulls. The bulls I got were perfect, it was as if I was at the sale. I am 100% satisfied and will buy again from M.C. Quantock.M. Arnold, SK
Sight Unseen working well for us, as your sale was during our busy calving period. It‘s nice knowing that we had some security from you if the bull didn’t work out for us. He’s done great and all his girls are in calf and on time. Thanks for the bull and service.A. & C. Johnson, AB
Bull looked great when delivered in April, after bull development, Mac is always very helpful in finding me the right bull. Very satisfied. You are a pleasure to deal with.D. Loewen, BC
Received the Hereford bull, he has a good hindquarter, good width, lots of depth and thickness, and a good disposition. He’s what I have been looking for.W. Mulvahill, BC
It is a pleasure to do business with you. Never yet have I been disappointed with Sight Unseen purchases. Best of all, I like the temperament of your bulls and Mac’s integrity and reliability is tops with me.D. Armstrong, MB
Well satisfied with my Sight Unseen purchase, no problems with him, developing into a smooth bull. Probably better that I would have chosen myself.Jim Lobley, AB
This was the first bull we had ever bought Sight Unseen. We were very pleased with your selection for us. We would highly recommend this type of purchase to others.Donald Walker, ON
I felt the service we got was excellent. I also felt comfortable with the Sight Unseen program because someone who knew the bulls was helping us make the right purchase.Id Potter, AB
I was very happy with my Sight Unseen bull. With seasonal work that I do, bull development – spring delivery works very well. I recommend your bull development program to all my friends.D. Teichroeb, BC
I like how quiet the bulls have been that we have bought in the past, have bought Sight Unseen twice now and have not been disappointed.H. Nordlund, AB
We just sold some steer calves sired by your bulls and they sold better than last year, the market likes them.B. Kielo, SK
Also wanted to tell you what a pleasure it’s been to handle the bulls we bought from you. They’ve obviously been handled a lot and know what a horse is which sure isn’t the case with most bulls we’ve bought over the years. Looking forward to seeing how the calves look!J. & L. Gilberg, AB