Black Angus x Simmental

Summer Two Year Old Bulls

Keep ’em or turn ’em black and beef ’em up in one shot

Identical “but black” to our highly successful reds.

May two year olds and a small offering of Feb/March Yearlings. The same great crossbreeding machines as our Red Super Baldies… but Black. A perfect option on Black base cows or Herefords. Blacks with a touch of exotic muscle, growth and milk. All you really need to sell those market-topping Blacks. These bulls have been carving out a “niche” and carving up the competition for years. You just can’t find ’em anywhere else.

M.C. Quantock 2020 Bull Sale Video from MC Quantock “Canada’s Bulls” on Vimeo.


This is an incredibly strong offering of two year olds; it contains some of the most appealing bulls in the sale. Big, broad and black, big gutted, deep bodied beef bulls. Our customers continue to appreciate these older bulls. These bulls work well anywhere siring black baldies with a touch more muscle and hair. This is our biggest and best offering of black summer twos. They are all produced from our best “Simmental” sires and our seedstock purebred black cows. Cowmen of every breed will appreciate these bulls. “So darn good.” You can’t sort just a few good ones.


Yearling Bulls

Beautiful Baldies, Black as a bonus.

Here is an incredibly impressive set of Black Baldie yearlings. Angus sired from 3/4 Simmental cows. These calves are produced for us in the old Duane McCaffrey cowherd, which is now under the active management of Ryan Roach who has many of Duane’s cows and continues to use our jointly owned black herd bulls. It’s always a pleasure to work with good young people. Don’t overlook these bulls; they are the bulls that built our Black Baldie Program. These calves just “took off” on feed posting incredible gains over the first six weeks. Lots of beautiful blaze faced “money stripe” bulls here. A beautiful Baldie offering. They’ll cost less than the two’s but are every bit as good.

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Sight Unseen Purchase Plan

Our bulls are as close as your phone. 30-40% of our bulls sell SIGHT – UNSEEN based on our evaluation and opinion. Our customers have confidence in us: Confident that our records are accurate and true: Confident that we make every effort to sell only good bulls. Nothing succeeds like a solid reputation.

I will personally select your bulls and after the sale I’ll deliver them anywhere you live and I’ll guarantee your complete satisfaction or I’ll take them home. You don’t pay until you’re totally satisfied on delivery.

 $125 “Real Value” Bull Development…

90% of our customers use it. Let us develop your bulls and deliver when the weather’s nice and you’ve got room next spring. Professionally grown out, fertile, semen-tested and delivered in the spring and all for just a hundred and twenty five bucks – it’s a great deal. Development available on yearlings at $100. Bull delivery will be in the month of April.

 Absolutely FREE Delivery

We will safely deliver each and every bull to your nearest central location in Western Canada. You have my word – we’ll work with you to get them within 30 – 50 miles of your ranch. Ontario, Quebec or the Maritimes – we’ll cost-share delivery.

Talk to Mac for details!