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Charolais Bulls
Summer Two Year Old Bulls

Chunky but smooth 2-year olds that are thick and heavy but not too tall.
We delivered the Charolais bulls you asked for!

We’re cowmen first and these are cowmen’s bulls. Our objective in Charolais bulls is to provide our customers bulls that maximize the Char cross advantage in feeder calves and minimize any problems. Our bulls are thick bulls but they are still smooth bulls. The bulls have rapid early growth which you need and the two year olds will not be too big. Our Charolais are built for the ranch trade with very moderate birth weights and unquestionable soundness – white bulls that will last and last. We deliver what you asked for: lots of hair, so you can sell those “deep coated, good doin’” tan or silver calves and top the market; good dispositions because we’ve all got families that help; unquestionable soundness, because some other Charolais bulls don’t last; moderate frames because some others get too big. Our Charolais pack lots of muscle, are long bodied, smooth and not real tall. Gently grown out and sold in perfect working condition. Charolais are still the best terminal sire for a British cross cow and the char cross premium at market is not to be denied.

This sale will not be broadcast online, please contact Mac Creech to hear more about our Sight Unseen Purchase Program 1-800-561-BULL

We have been a reliable source of Charolais bulls for nearly 30 years. Because our roots run deep in the commercial industry, you can depend on us to continue to be your reliable source of mainstream Charolais bulls in volume. For many years our Charolais were cooperator produced, but the ranch now breeds 200 purebred Charolais on our own. The white herd is developing that “shot from a gun” uniformity that all our other lines of seedstock are known for. Our Charolais are now grass calved in May-June and are younger than most twos. They are real “ranch” bulls calving on their own with only once per day checks. They are the kind of cowman’s Charolais we can all use. Our Charolais “Summer Twos,” run out on grass all summer to assure soundness. We bought the cream of the old Ray Murphy FMX cowherd to add to the mix here at MC Quantock. This set of bulls are as good as any we have ever sold, one look over the fence sale day and you will agree. “Hairy, meat wagons” raised here along with our other lines. We’ve made ‘em uniform, we’ve made ‘em hairy and we’ve made ‘em convenient. You will only be able to tell them apart by the ear tags.

All Charolais bulls purebred and papers transferred.

  • I will personally visit with each and every customer, discuss your requirements and talk through bull choices.
  • I know these bulls. My men and I have calved them, watched them grow, fed them and handled them. You deal with us not a third party.
  • We guarantee your complete satisfaction. While we seldom deliver an unsatisfactory bull, it is entirely your choice to accept him on arrival…SIMPLY PUT – YOU MUST LIKE HIM WHEN DELIVERED OR WE TAKE HIM HOME, NO PROBLEM.
  • When you have viewed the bull book, the video and the photos, you and I will make a short list of your choices and discuss your budget.
  • We sell our bulls best bulls to lesser bulls within each breed. We will always try to buy the best bull available within your budget.
  • We will absolutely never bid on or buy a bull that you and I have not carefully pre-selected as being suitable.
  • We will absolutely never exceed your budget. In fact, most times we deliver under budget.
  • Most important…WE DON’T WANT YOU TO PAY FOR THE BULL UNTIL YOU HAVE SEEN HIM YOURSELF in the flesh at your ranch. Then and only then do you make settlement.
  • You can call anytime at your convenience to talk bulls.