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Hereford Bulls
Summer Two Year Old Bulls

Durable, Deep Bodies, Broad Topped
To add British blood use Herefords!

Established in 1951, our Hereford herd benefits from 60 years of experience, volumes of performance records (since the 60’s), the school of “hard knocks” and the instincts of a cow man. Our Hereford bulls are “just right” to deliver what you need and expect. Broad topped, deepsided bulls packed full of natural thickness on moderate frame sizes. We offer balance and goodness in all the money making traits. Our bulls deliver moderate, predictable consistent birthweights and have been selected over a very long time for large testicles and early maturity. Trouble free… “you bet,” our Herefords have been selected for years for good udders you never have to touch, because you don’t have the time and you don’t need the hassle. Use our Hereford bulls to add the good Hereford traits your dad took for granted. Deep, thick hair coats, easy keepers that’ll get by without the barley bin and dispositions that make cows a pleasure to handle – not an ordeal. Use Herefords to add British blood to those exotic cows and be ahead of the game as the packing industry demands the British/Continental blend. Our bulls are durable, long living and tough; managed like your commercial cattle, then grown out on grass. You won’t find any “big fat ton bulls” here, but what you will find are bulls that have never seen “hot feed” and pampering. Bulls that will last and last and be bigger not smaller at 4 years than the day you bought him.

All our Herefords sell as Summer Two Year Olds bulls in their working clothes. We are a leading source of reasonable priced bulls, available individually or as uniform groups of half brothers. Rediscover what your dad knew! Herefords work and are a pleasure to own. The Hereford breed does not get the credit it so richly deserves for its contribution to Canada’s crossbreeding mix. Half of almost everything is Hereford. Whether it be Char X, Simmental X, Limo X, Black or Red Baldies, an important half is the Hereford half.

All Hereford bulls purebred and papers transferred.

This sale will not be broadcast online, please contact Mac Creech to hear more about our Sight Unseen Purchase Program 1-800-561-BULL

  • I will personally visit with each and every customer, discuss your requirements and talk through bull choices.
  • I know these bulls. My men and I have calved them, watched them grow, fed them and handled them. You deal with us not a third party.
  • We guarantee your complete satisfaction. While we seldom deliver an unsatisfactory bull, it is entirely your choice to accept him on arrival…SIMPLY PUT – YOU MUST LIKE HIM WHEN DELIVERED OR WE TAKE HIM HOME, NO PROBLEM.
  • When you have viewed the bull book, the video and the photos, you and I will make a short list of your choices and discuss your budget.
  • We sell our bulls best bulls to lesser bulls within each breed. We will always try to buy the best bull available within your budget.
  • We will absolutely never bid on or buy a bull that you and I have not carefully pre-selected as being suitable.
  • We will absolutely never exceed your budget. In fact, most times we deliver under budget.
  • Most important…WE DON’T WANT YOU TO PAY FOR THE BULL UNTIL YOU HAVE SEEN HIM YOURSELF in the flesh at your ranch. Then and only then do you make settlement.
  • You can call anytime at your convenience to talk bulls.