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Hereford x Simmental
Summer Two Year Old Bulls

These bulls really work. Past year’s customers are coming back for more!

For 25 years, customers have told us “the best Simmentals I ever used were the first part-bloods.” Here is our Hereford/Fleckvieh 2-breed composite line. Real beefmakers, loaded maternally but bred to simplify and sustain the Hereford/Semi influence in our customers’ herds. Produced on the home ranch using mid-aged proven Hereford cows and beefy, low set, pigmented Fleckvieh sires; these bulls really offer something unique. enough age to breed a lot of cows, solid maternal genetics and bottom line performance. We call them “H-2’s” – They’re hummers. These potent composite bulls are being used on Hereford x Simmental cows, as well as black and black and red baldie cows with great success. Anyway you fit them in your program, they’ll make money. These bulls just work so well, they make repeat customers out of everyone who buys one.

These bulls come from our home ranch May-June calving Purebred Hereford cows. The cows are run a “little rough”… bale grazing, corn stalk chewing, low input, never close to a corral. These bulls are weaned in November-December, background fed, then back to grass. The performance of this pen of bulls is almost unmatchable. As a group they are as good as it gets. We are in the process of adding new “semi” sires each year. This offering is convincing. Think about how they might work for you. If you were considering Herefords, pay attention to these bulls. They can do everything a Hereford will and more. More muscle, more weight, more maternal, more pigment. Ideal for black base cows.

  • I will personally visit with each and every customer, discuss your requirements and talk through bull choices.
  • I know these bulls. My men and I have calved them, watched them grow, fed them and handled them. You deal with us not a third party.
  • We guarantee your complete satisfaction. While we seldom deliver an unsatisfactory bull, it is entirely your choice to accept him on arrival…SIMPLY PUT – YOU MUST LIKE HIM WHEN DELIVERED OR WE TAKE HIM HOME, NO PROBLEM.
  • When you have viewed the bull book, the video and the photos, you and I will make a short list of your choices and discuss your budget.
  • We sell our bulls best bulls to lesser bulls within each breed. We will always try to buy the best bull available within your budget.
  • We will absolutely never bid on or buy a bull that you and I have not carefully pre-selected as being suitable.
  • We will absolutely never exceed your budget. In fact, most times we deliver under budget.
  • Most important…WE DON’T WANT YOU TO PAY FOR THE BULL UNTIL YOU HAVE SEEN HIM YOURSELF in the flesh at your ranch. Then and only then do you make settlement.
  • You can call anytime at your convenience to talk bulls.