Summer Two Year Old Bulls

Beefy, Thick Reds.  Volume, Thickness and Calving Ease.

Older Red Angus Bulls …What you really need!

All the good Angus traits and “no darn trouble.” Our Red Angus are developed from mainstream maternal lineage. We’ve stared birthweight in the eye and backed it down. Our Red Angus herd was established in the 60’s, we are one of Canada’s Pioneer Breeders. Our bulls have introduced the red influence to countless commercial operations across the country. Our disciplined program has for 45 years never compromised birthweight, thriftiness or vigor. We’ve bred moderate frames, good cow traits, easy keeping and light to moderate birthweights into each and every bull we sell. Ours are reliable, predictable bulls; ideal for cross breeding with volumes of bulls for heifers and bigger stouter bulls for cows. The offering features more older bulls than anywhere in the country. 75 Summer Two Year Old Bulls. Use our red bulls to easily calve heifers and still get a “darn good calf” to sell or keep. Raise your own Red Angus cross replacements with the good maternal quality our bulls offer. If your cows have too much exotic, use our Angus to moderate frame, make ‘em easier to feed and increase carcass quality and feeder demand. Share and benefit from our experience and 45 years of selection, volumes of records, predictable birth weights and performance uniformity. Ranch raised Red Angus that’ll do the job, never complain, and give you no grief. 75 plus solid bulls, buy one or you can select uniform half brothers in volume. Great red bull value from Canada’s Bull Supplier. 

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This age group of bulls are the best there is from a function stand point. These are grass-calved bulls from a “bale grazing,” “corn stalk chewing,” low input cowherd which never gets close to a corral. These bulls are 2-3 months younger than most two year olds. The bulls are weaned in late November-December backgrounded then put on grass the second summer. They are really just 60-90 days older than our popular fall bulls were. A little extra age always helps. We now have our whole cow herd calving in May/June. It still allows us to “low input, low maintenance, grass calve with minimal attention.” We ride these cows once per day at calving to weigh and tag. We check the heifers twice per day but never after 5 pm! Calving is what our cows do, not what we do. These bulls are from cattle that know how to be successful on their own. They’re low maintenance and trouble free, but still industry leading in terms of conformation, performance, pay weights and power. They’ll compete with the best.

All Red Angus bulls purebred and papers transferred.

Sight Unseen Purchase Plan

Our bulls are as close as your phone. 30-40% of our bulls sell SIGHT – UNSEEN based on our evaluation and opinion. Our customers have confidence in us: Confident that our records are accurate and true: Confident that we make every effort to sell only good bulls. Nothing succeeds like a solid reputation.

I will personally select your bulls and after the sale I’ll deliver them anywhere you live and I’ll guarantee your complete satisfaction or I’ll take them home. You don’t pay until you’re totally satisfied on delivery.

 $125 “Real Value” Bull Development…

90% of our customers use it. Let us develop your bulls and deliver when the weather’s nice and you’ve got room next spring. Professionally grown out, fertile, semen-tested and delivered in the spring and all for just a hundred and twenty five bucks – it’s a great deal. Bull delivery will be in the month of April.

 Absolutely FREE Delivery

We will safely deliver each and every bull to your nearest central location in Western Canada. You have my word – we’ll work with you to get them within 30 – 50 miles of your ranch. Ontario, Quebec or the Maritimes – we’ll cost-share delivery.

Talk to Mac for details!