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Super Guppies
Red & Black Angus x Gelbvieh
Summer Two-Year-Old Bulls

Super maternal. You’ll love a little Gelbvieh on the cow side.
More Muscle, but still maternal.

Our “Guppie” bulls are all summer two year olds! “Super Guppie” bulls are a great crossbreeding option. A blended composite of Gelbvieh and Red Angus. Super Guppies have a little more “exotic muscle” than our Super Baldies but are still built from all maternal cattle. Gelbvieh have the carcass, the early sexual maturity and the growth. The Red Angus blood provides the hair, thriftiness and fleshing ability, while moderating birth weight. Use our Gelbvieh x Red Angus bulls as the third option in any crossing program and maximize your hybrid vigor. They’re cowman’s Gelbvieh that will work the big range country and fit your management. Our customers love a little Gelbvieh on the cow side. Our Super Guppie bulls have really found their stride in the past few years as our customers calve their daughters and recognize how well these bulls fit their crossing programs. Gelbvieh hybrids with hair, moderation and uniformity.

Our “Super Guppie” bulls continue to be cowmen’s favorites. Hairy, thick, red hided bulls, they’re incredibly uniform. Some new sires have made these some of our best “Guppies” ever. These bulls will fit your crossbreeding programs, sire daughters that will amaze you and steer calves to push the scales. Consider this option… it works. Last year’s big “hairy” Guppies were a sale highlight.

Our Black Guppie offering is smaller than our red; the same sire power as on the red side but out of our purebred black cows. Some of the good Guppies may be here.

This sale will not be broadcast online, please contact Mac Creech to hear more about our Sight Unseen Purchase Program 1-800-561-BULL

  • I will personally visit with each and every customer, discuss your requirements and talk through bull choices.
  • I know these bulls. My men and I have calved them, watched them grow, fed them and handled them. You deal with us not a third party.
  • We guarantee your complete satisfaction. While we seldom deliver an unsatisfactory bull, it is entirely your choice to accept him on arrival…SIMPLY PUT – YOU MUST LIKE HIM WHEN DELIVERED OR WE TAKE HIM HOME, NO PROBLEM.
  • When you have viewed the bull book, the video and the photos, you and I will make a short list of your choices and discuss your budget.
  • We sell our bulls best bulls to lesser bulls within each breed. We will always try to buy the best bull available within your budget.
  • We will absolutely never bid on or buy a bull that you and I have not carefully pre-selected as being suitable.
  • We will absolutely never exceed your budget. In fact, most times we deliver under budget.
  • Most important…WE DON’T WANT YOU TO PAY FOR THE BULL UNTIL YOU HAVE SEEN HIM YOURSELF in the flesh at your ranch. Then and only then do you make settlement.
  • You can call anytime at your convenience to talk bulls.