Super Sisters Sale 2018

Join Us on Saturday, December 8, 2018 for our 2018 Super Sisters Sale. 150 Bred Commercial Heifers. The sale will be held at Lloydminster Livestock Sales and will be broadcast live online via DLMS. See below for video and photos.


These are the sisters of all our industry-leading hybrid bulls. SUPER BALDIES (Red Angus x Simmental) BLACK SUPER BALDIES (Black Angus x Simmental) SUPER GUPPIES (Red Angus/Black Angus x Gelbvieh) and H2 (Hereford x Simmental). Nowhere else can you buy true first generation F-1 crossbreds produced from our purebred cows and the best Fleckvieh Simmental and Gelbvieh bulls money can buy. Maximum hybrid vigor and uniformity. These heifers are the real deal and what you really need. They’re bred to our reliable calving ease red and black angus bulls for a trouble-free first calf April calvers. Groups of half-sisters “one-iron” unique genetics. The heifers are on a complete herd health program – Bovishield Gold

-Big-Bodied fleshy Red Angus x Simmental Heifers.

-Sired by Fleckvieh Simmental bulls.

-Powerful black Baldies.

-Milk… and lots of it. Red Angus x Gelbvieh

-Red/Black Angus X Gelbvieh “Super Guppies”

-Every hybrid replacement heifer sells / none retained!

They’ll be in the Bred Heifer Sale at Lloydminster Livestock Sales on Saturday, December 8, 2018. The sale starts at 12:00 noon.

Lloydminster Livestock Sales information

The sale will also be broadcast live online via DLMS for online bidding.

150 Commercial Bred Heifers For Sale:
Red Angus x Simmental “Super Baldie Bred Heifers”
Black Angus x Simmental “Black Super Baldie Bred Heifers”
Red Angus x Gelbvieh “Super Guppie Bred Heifers”
Black Angus x Gelbvieh “Black Super Guppie Bred Heifers”
Hereford x Simmental “H-2 Bred Heifers”

For details contact:

Mac Creech
M.C. Quantock Livestock
(780) 875–8167
1–800–561–BULL (2855)
[email protected]


Jim Pulyk
Manager at Lloydminster Livestock Sales
(780) 787-0646

To View the Sale Live Online

If you’re not already registered to view or buy online go to

For approval to bid on upcoming sales bidders must contact DLMS (780) 554 – 4939.

Mac Creech