Here’s what our customers say… Part 5

“Very impressed with your sale. The best one I have attended in 30 years of ranching. Quality of cattle was excellent and the sale went smooth and fast I was impressed with the quality of people you have working for you and how well they worked under the stress of the day.”

– B. Howell, BC

“Having purchased your bulls for many years, and keeping heifer calves as replacements, we find our cow herd has been consistantly improving as the years go by. We have purchased Red Angus, Black Angus and Horned Herefords.”

– J.S. Crowley, SK

“Our bull we bought ‘Sight Unseen’ was nice and thick and an easy keeper. His calves were not over 75 lbs. and very strong. Very pleased.”

– S. Carpani

“I’m 100% satisfied with the quality of the bulls I’ve bought with your Sight Unseen system. When taking delivery I’ve always felt I’ve gotten more value than I paid for. Your integrity is appreciated.” – M. Carr, ON

Mac Creech