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World’s largest bull found in China

By January 11, 2016February 12th, 2016No Comments
You won’t believe how many McDonald’s Big Macs that could make!

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In the lighter side of the news here is something I saw online today. According to an Australian news source the new record for “world’s largest bull” belongs to a Simmental Hyrbid in south west China’s Sichuan Province. He tips the scales at a whopping 4160 lbs which beats the previous known record by 412 lbs. For easy math lets assume his dressing percentage could be 70%, that’s 2,900 lbs of beef. That amount of hamburger could make nearly 15,000 Big Macs. That seems like just a drop in the bucket though because according sales numbers McDonald’s sells about 550 million Big Macs a year in the US. This bull could supply all the beef for Big Macs in the US… for about 14 minutes.

Here’s some of our Simmental Hybrid bulls for sale on Saturday, January 30, 2016. Hopefully you’ll find they are a little more practical ;)

H-2 (Simmental x Hereford) Bulls
Super Baldie (Simmental x Red Angus) Bulls
Black Super Baldie (Simmental x Black Angus) Bulls

— Lee Creech

World's Largest Bull Found In China He's A Simmental Hybrid