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Cattleman Magazine 2016 | Our First Ad of the Season

By November 30, 2016No Comments

Here’s our first full page advertisement of the year. You can see it in the November issue of Canadian Cattlemen Magazine.

It reads:

“Super Sisters” Bred Heifer Sale
Saturday, December 10 2016
North Central Livestock Exchange in Vermilion, Alberta
150 Head Sale Live on DLMS

These are the sisters of all our industry leading hybrid bulls. SUPER BALDIES (Red Angus x Simmental) BLACK SUPER BALDIES (Black Angus x Simmental) SUPER GUPPIES (Red Angus /Black Angus x Gelbvieh). Nowhere else can you buy true first generation F-1 crossbreds produced from our purebred cows and the best Fleckvieh Simmental and Gelbvieh bulls money can buy. One third are big older “30 Month” extra age heifers. Maximum hybrid vigor and uniformity. These heifers are the real deal and what you really need. They’re bred to our reliable calving ease red and Black Angus and Hereford bulls for a trouble free first calf. Groups of half-sisters “one-iron” unique genetics… Talk to Mac
Mac & Pat Creech

Big-Bodied fleshy Red Angus x Simmental heifers.
Sired by Fleckvieh Simmental bulls.
Powerful black baldies.
Milk… and lots of it. Red Angus x Gelbvieh
Red / Black Angus X Gelbvieh “Super Guppies”
Every hybrid replacement heifer sells / none retained!

Call Mac… 1-800-561-BULL (2855)
email: [email protected]

Jim Pulyk NCL 780-853-0626

“Canada’s Bulls” BULL SALE
Saturday, January 29, Lloydminster, Alberta

450 Head

Bull buying made easy… We’ve been in this business for years and we’ve learned a few things along the way. Most important… you don’t last unless you do right by your customers. We’ve made bull buying a whole lot easier. Our bulls are good quality, all of them, well culled, they’re easy keeping, good looking, durable bulls that sire those “fancy calves the order buyers keep talking about.” Our bulls are older fall and summer born twos (22-26 months when you need them), old enough to be tough and not give trouble. Our bulls can all be left with us till spring, you don’t want new bulls around till you need them, so let us look after them. Our bulls are all delivered absolutely free in Western Canada and cost shared in the East. Our bulls can be purchased sight unseen, in fact about half always are. We help select your bulls and they’re guaranteed to be what you want…”true satisfaction on arrival”. Our customers trust and confidence in us make it all possible. Our bulls are affordable all selling to commercial cattlemen. Our bulls are guaranteed like no others…you’ll have a bull to breed your cows no matter what…hard to get better than that! As sale time approaches, you can view all our bulls on video on our website or we’ll send you your very own DVD and catalogue and you can show the neighbors. In fact, it’s probably easier and simpler to buy our bulls than buying bulls locally. You get great service, the best guarantee, lots of selection and your calves will be sired by nationally known bulls. It all helps to get them sold! Our customers like the fact that all our cattle are managed and fed just like most all commercial cattle.

Mac & Pat Creech

Red Angus Bulls
Hereford / H-2 Bulls
Red / Black Super Baldie Bulls
Super Guppie Bulls
Black Angus Bulls
Charolais Bulls

You deal with the owner. The guy that bred’em … fed’em… knows’em.

*Free DVD *Free Bull Book
*Free Delivery “Great Bulls” Call Today
M.C. Quantock… 11,400 Bulls … 48 sales … 73% repeat customers …
Call Mac… 1-800-561-BULL (2855)
email: [email protected]
Box 10888, Lloydminster, AB. T9V 3B1

Canadian Cattleman November 2016