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Even My Wife Loves Cows

By November 28, 2014November 30th, 2014No Comments

This business is so good “even my wife loves cows.” Cattlemen have always told me that their wife thought they owned too many cows…. until now.

That’s the headline from our first double page advertisement this season. You can see it coming soon in the pages of Canadian Cattlemen Magazine and the Ag-visor.

Even my wife loves cows ad





M.C. Quantock Bull Sale
Saturday, January 31, 2015, 12 noon MST
Even my wife… loves cows!

Record setting but very real. The best calf prices ever. Most important, these prices are based on solid fundamentals and are here for a long, long, time. We haven’t had cow numbers this low since Harry S. Truman was President. It’s time, we all deserve it..

Cattlemen are enjoying the good times and reaping the rewards for their perseverance, tenacity and resolve. We all went through 8 to 9 very, very tough years when you wondered (to yourself) at times if you were doing the right thing by sticking with it. The optimism and ability to think long term, which all cattlemen have “etched in their DNA,” carried us all through.

Five years ago our sale theme was “Lay in the Weeds… and Wait” Our thinking then is just as valid today.

Survive and prosper by remembering that only a cow can unhook you from the treadmill of high input costs and expensive technology. She’s a low tech machine that “will set you free”, she harvests grass, stores solar energy and turns it all into high quality protein, her value to the world will only increase.

So get close to nature, graze longer, calve a little later, work less, let your cows work more and have more family time. Remember, cows reproduce their way to your success and financial freedom.

We live in a wonderful “free enterprise” country where if you want it, plan for it, and work hard for it, you will achieve it.

Unlike a lot of bull producers, we’ve paid for our ranch and our cows with our cows, we’re rooted deep in reality.

Solid, methodical and tenacious, we’ve used : “old school” genetics, sound breeding principles and the “eye of a cowman” to develop eight different bull lines.

We’ve moulded a herd of cattle that are all alike. Alike in type, alike in pedigree, alike in performance so both you and your customers can sell uniform high-end cattle, make as much darn money as possible and enjoy a way of life most people wish they could have.

Our only customers are Canada’s commercial cowmen large and small. They buy our bulls because they’re good quality, all of them, well culled, they’re calves the order buyers keep talking about. Our bulls are older fall and summer born twos (22-26) months when you need them), old enough to be tough and not give trouble. Our bulls can all be left with us till spring, you don’t want new bulls around till you need them, so let us look after them.

Our bulls are all delivered absolutely free in Western Canada and cost shared in the East. Our bulls can be purchased sight unseen, in fact about half always are. We help select your bulls and they’re guaranteed to be what you want… “true satisfaction on arrival”. Our customers trust and confidence in us make it all possible. Our bulls are affordable 75% sold from $2600 to $5300 in 2013 – 2014, and most all sell to solid commercial cattlemen. Our bulls are guaranteed like no others… you’ll have a bull to breed your cows no matter what… hard to get better than that! As sale time approaches, you can view all our bulls on video on our website or we’ll send you your very own DVD and catalogue and you can show the neighbors. In fact, it’s probably easier and simpler to buy our bulls than buying bulls locally. You get great service, the best guarantee, lots of selection and your calves will be sired by nationally known bulls. It all helps you to get them sold! Our customers like the fact that all our cattle are managed and fed just like most all commercial cattle.

This year call me for your bulls.

* Free DVD

* Free Catalogue

* Free Delivery “Great Bulls” Call Today.

Mac & Pat

Red Angus Bulls

Black Angus Bulls

Super Baldie Bulls

Black Super Baldie Bulls

Dehorned Hereford Bulls

H-2 Bulls

Super Guppie Bulls

Charolais Bulls

Sight Unseen Purchase Plan

Buying your bulls is easy…

and it’s as close as your phone…

Mac Creech, D.V.M.

I have spent 35 years working with cattlemen across Canada and together we have developed the most successful Sight Unseen Purchase Plan in the country, so successful in fact that it can sell nearly half our bulls some years. I have done it with sincerity and integrity and the utmost respect for the customers’ needs and budget. We start by discussing your cows, your breeding program, and what you need to get done. When we are comfortable with each other we can work together to get you the right cattle at the right price. While a few people sell a few bulls on the internet, I much prefer to visit with our customers, get to know them, and help them select the right bulls. Our comprehensive catalogue and DVD will give you an accurate impression of the bulls. After the sale I’ll personally deliver your bulls, in most cases. You must be completely satisfied on arrival or you are under no obligation to take them.

You pay for them only when they are delivered and satisfactory.

Call me anytime to get started.

1-800-561-2855 Thanks Mac

Absolutely FREE Delivery

We will safely deliver each and every bull to your nearest central location in Western Canada. You have my word — we’ll work with you to get them within 30 – 50 miles of your ranch. Ontario, Quebec or the Maritimes — we’ll cost-share delivery. Talk to Mac for details.

Tentative Delivery Routes

Routes may change depending on bull distribution. Routes indicated are usually run twice a year — February and April. Some bulls may be interlined with other carriers where necessary

Bulls from cows this good…

Big gutted, Big Girthed do-it-yourself females


Profiles Program — Sells Customer Cattle

Complete Catalogue

online late December

Saturday, January 31, 2015, 12 noon MST

Exhibition Grounds, Lloydminster, AB / SK

All cattle in heated facility!

Free Beef Lunch 11 a.m.

10,500 BULLS… 46 SALES.

Call Mac Today 1-800-561-BULL (2855)

M.C. Quantock Livestock Corp

Call Mac… 1-800-561-BULL (2855)

email: [email protected]

Box 10888, Lloydminster, AB. T9V 3B1


even my wife loves cows ad

Even my wife loves cows ad