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Raising the steaks – Winnipeg Free Press

By November 8, 2014No Comments

In this season’s advertisements we say:

[blockquote cite=”Mac Creech” image=””]”Record setting but very real. The best calf prices ever. Most important these prices
are based on solid fundamentals and are here for a long, long time. We haven’t had
cow numbers this low since Harry S. Truman was President. Enjoy it, we all deserve it,
then invest in the best genetics you can find. This year… call me for your bulls. Trust,
confidence, value…. [/blockquote]

Here’s a few quotes from a great October 18, 2014 article in the Winnipeg Free Press:

“It’s not a national story, it’s a global story,” said Brenna Grant, manager of CanFax, a Calgary-based firm that publishes weekly market reports on the beef industry. “We saw prices jump everywhere. It (Chinese imports) is pulling the entire global beef market up. (And) we’re going to see strong prices globally for the next four or five years.”

Canada produced 2.8 billion pounds of beef in 2013, down from 3.6 billion in 2008. Those are the lowest levels in more than two decades.
“Now there’s a shortage of cattle across North America,” said Heinz Reimer, president of Manitoba Beef Producers. “It has shrunk in the last number of years. I hope this stabilizes out and, hopefully, in one or two years we’ll start to see the rebuilding of herds.”

Read the full story here:

Raising the steaks – Winnipeg Free Press.